Oonalashka paintingThis project was inspired by the wonderful artwork around the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska, thinking about potential adventures of sailing aboard a tall ship, and the history of Alaska. Exploring and curating this topics was interesting for our team and we learned a great deal about a range of related subjects: Captain Cook, his voyages and accomplishments; navigation; native cultures; birds and mammals; history; dancing and more.  It is through the process of research and processing information that highlights the value of the curation process as an avenue for enduring understanding of a topic.

People Involved
This project was a collaborative effort between UAF eCampus Design Team members. If you have questions about the project details, please contact us:

Special thanks to Broadband USA group for providing funding for scavenger hunt achievement awards and to Layar who provided generous support for this educational project. Special thanks also to the Hotel Captain Cook for logistic support.