The CCARE Experience took place at the  Alaska Society for Technology in Education  (ASTE) 2013 Conference

This exciting  Augmented Reality (AR) history adventure and scavenger hunt took place in  the hallways of the Hotel Captain Cook. This session was independent of time or meeting space and took place around the hotel itself! The journey for the viewer begins with the installation of an AR app on your mobile device allowing you to see another layer of reality when in the presence of a marker near select artifacts and artwork on display inside the hotel.  The AR layer tells the story of Cook and his voyages through a mobile multimedia experience. Scavenger hunt winners may receive a technology teaching tool.

What do you need to view?   The  Layar Browser App  and a camera-enabled mobile device.  What do you need to start creating?  An account at  Layar Creator.

Although the markers are no longer in place, here is an example. Point your phone at the picture of the bird or if you are at the hotel and see this painting it will also work on the painting!  View PDF of the Red-tailed Tropicbird Maker

The following images were also augmented. Click on the image to download a PDF.

Download the PDF to take with you on your walking tour.